Family owned and operated for 45 years.

Village Key & Alarm was established in the 70’s with a simple goal: to efficiently provide people with reliable security solutions at an affordable price. Over the past 45 years we have grown with the community into a strong company offering complete security to Saint Johns County and the surrounding areas. All of us working at Village Key & Alarm are very proud of our company and what we have achieved. We would not put something in your home or business that would not be trusted to protect one of our own. Three generations of the Oakley family and all of our valuable employees have the experience and knowledge for you to comfortably entrust the safety of your families, homes, valuables, and businesses.

We separate ourselves from the competition by offering customers complete security solutions and excelling in service after the sale. We are the areas leading and largest all-inclusive security consultants and providers. We install, provide monitoring, and service an array of systems including Burglar, Fire, Elevator, Medical, and Freezer systems. We also offer intricate locksmith services, safe installation, and high security lock systems.

Our goal is not to be the largest security company; instead we aim to provide peace of mind. We do this with a simple philosophy: minimise cost to our customers by efficiently using the most advanced security solutions on the market.

Danny Jewel

Danny Jewel has been a part of the VKA Family since 2012. With over 16 years in the industry and formerly a United States Marine, Danny brings both his experience and attention to detail complimenting the VKA way.

Chris Moros

Chris Moros has been with VKA Security since 1999. With over 17 years of experience in the industry Chris has experience in all aspects of the industry. With his understanding of the importance of security he designs and implements every level of protection for peace of mind.

Ryan Ciarrocchi

Ryan Ciarrocchi has been a part of the VKA Family since 2007. Having over 9 years in the industry Ryan is a very experienced installer and service technician. Dependability and focus make him a perfect fit for VKA.

Paul Gaumont

Paul Gaumont has been with VKA Security since 2001. With over 15 years of experience in the industry Paul handles everything fire. There is never a challenge Paul won’t accept and overcome. His drive to grow the company help make it successful and create customers for life Make him an essential part of the VKA Family.

Chris Lott

Chris Lott has been with VKA Security since 1997. With over 25 Years in the industry Chris brings outstanding customer service and the ability to get the job done right the first time.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee has been with VKA Security since 2016. With over 10 years in the industry Jeremy brings efficiency and understanding making sure jobs are done on time and with the quality expected of the VKA Security Family.

Jay Booras

Jay Booras has been with VKA Security since 2013. With over 21 years in the industry Jay brings the ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology in security. Moving forward is growing and providing outstanding service the VKA Way.

Daniel Moros

Daniel Moros has been with VKA Security since 2006. With 10 years in the industry Daniels ability to take on any challenge and come up with a viable solution makes him an asset to the VKA Security family.

Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter has been with VKA Security since 2014. With 20 years in the industry he brings his knowledge and experience to help maintain the level of service we expect at VKA Security.

Dave Burr

Dave Burr has been with VKA Security since 2005. With 11 years in the industry Dave has vast knowledge and experience with many facets of Locksmith work. His attention to detail and willingness to continue to learn even more makes him a key to VKA Securities success.

Mario Camacho

Mario Camacho has been with VKA Security since 2009. With over 10 years of experience in the industry getting things done in a timely manner with integrity makes him crucial part of the VKA Security Family.

Obi Madubuike

Obi Madubuike has been with VKA Security since 2011. With over 8 years of experience in both the Security side and the Locksmith side he is truly an asset.

Richard Lerman

Richard Lerman has been with VKA Security since 1991. With over 51 years of experience in the industry Richard brings an elite level of knowledge, understanding, and guidance that is hard to find.

Regan Canada

Regan Canada is the newest addition to our customer service department. She is extremely kind and helpful and has a strong background in the customer service field. With her attention to detail and patience she is true to the VKA Security way in providing customer satisfaction.